Variable Rate Irrigation

From the leaders in precision irrigation management, we deliver the most advanced and industry leading Variable Rate Irrigation program on the market today!

We offer the ability to have a field EC mapped. This is a $10/acre/field service. The EC and topography maps can then be used to help growers make better input decisions. We use the data to create variable rate irrigation scripts. We adjust the speed of the pivot every 4 degrees based on topography and textural changes, so we ensure the correct amount of water is applied on each 1.5 acre slice. Our VRI services are priced at $200 per field and is free for the first year after a field is mapped.

Precision Ag for Pivots

• Simple, Reliable and Low Cost

• Works with Any Brand Center Pivot

• Improves Energy and Water Use Efficiency

• Optimizes Inputs and Increases Yields

• New One-Time VRI Rx App Lifetime License