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Probe Management

Soil Moisture Probe Optimization Program

Full-service soil moisture monitoring program. From the leaders in precision irrigation management!

Optimize Nitrogen

Save up to 42 lb-n/ac

The N-Time™ software provides image-based nitrogen application scheduling recommendations for your operation.


Variable Rate Irrigation

From the leaders in precision irrigation management, we deliver the most advanced and industry leading Variable Rate Irrigation program on the market today!

Crop X

Sign into the CropX website to see your probe and field data. 

Precision Agronomy Solutions

Nothing is more important than building the foundation of your precision ag program with accurate, high resolution data! The quality of data you begin with is critical to your end goal! Our company captures, aggregates, and analyzes all the individual field data layers of every growers field so that we can provide data based agronomic solutions on a field by field, acre by acre basis. Our focus starts with managing the water because water is always our biggest yield limiting factor.

We then use our proprietary software to develop other input prescriptions to further enhance the net return of every acre. We are the growers link to processing, storing and delivering high quality data year in and year out. Besides our unique and highly advanced software, we use capacitance moisture probes, remote pivot controllers, electrical conductivity mapping, zone variable fertility maps, seeding prescriptions, RTK topography maps, satellite and UAV imaging, and yield maps to build water focused solutions that will maximize the return on every acre of every field. PSP includes a one-time field mapping of EC (Electrical Conductivity) and RTK elevation data with complete data processing and field variability analysis. EC mapping identifies soil and topography variability that can influence production potential. Once these important base data layers are derived, then CropMetrics Precision Data Specialists can help you determine what advanced solutions can effectively manage your inputs more efficiently, prove yields and maximize profit on every acre!

EC Map Your Fields

EC Map Your Fields

Field Mapping

Soil EC(Electrical Conductivity)

Soil EC is an infield measurement that correlates directly with the very soil properties that affect crop productivity such as soil texture, cation exchange capacity (CEC), drainage conditions, organic matter levels, salinity and subsoil characteristics.

Precision Ag for Pivots

• Simple, Reliable and Low Cost

• Works with Any Brand Center Pivot

• Improves Energy and Water Use Efficiency

• Optimizes Inputs and Increases Yields

• Per acre VRI Rx App License Fee

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NightRide is a thermal camera system that shows you more than any night vision system on the market. It will bring your situational awareness to the next level! See predators, farm animals, deer, people and objects on the road in darkness, rain, snow, fog, smoke.

Learn more about NightRide Thermal Image. We cater to First Responders, Agricultural, Hunting, and Personal driving use. Our informative team is experienced in all the above fields and is eager to give you the opportunity to enhance your way of viewing the world through thermal imagining. Contact us today for more information!